AGQM_icons_rgb_Ringversuch.jpg  Round Robin Tests 'FAME' and
  'Vegetable & Used Cooking Oils'

Quality assurance consists to a large extent of the analysis of the components and the product. Reliable checking of product properties is also an essential part of quality management for biodiesel. Participation in interlaboratory tests is an important instrument for laboratories to check and improve their own measurement performance.

The Association Quality Management Biodiesel e. V. (AGQM) together with the Technical Committee for Mineral Oil and Fuel Standardisation (FAM) offers the following six independent round robin tests on the products FAME and vegetable & used cooking oils:

  1. FAME according to the test methods of EN 14214 (selected parameters, see file)
  2. FAME – Oxidation stability according to EN 14214 (selected methods, see file)
  3. FAME – Methanol according to EN 14214 (selected method, see file)
  4. FAME – PUFA according to EN 14214 (selected method, see file)
  5. FAME – Cetane number according to EN 14214 (selected methods,
    see file)
  6. Vegetable & Used Cooking Oils according to the methods of DIN 51623 and selected standard methods (selected parameters, see file)

Since 2015, one sample of the FAME round robin test contains a proportion of biodiesel from used cooking oils and fats (UCOME). The round robin test 'Vegetable & Used Cooking Oils' also contains a sample with a proportion of used cooking oils and fats (UCO). Every year, more than 50 laboratories from Germany, other European countries and overseas take part in the round robin tests. The AGQM/FAM round robin tests are thus unique worldwide in the field of external quality assurance of FAME and Oils.

Expected timetable




Invitation and registration for the round robin tests


Dispatch of the samples

April - June

Analysis and submission of results

June / July

Data evaluation


Dispatch of reports and certificates

September / October

Workshop (in German) on the evaluation of the round robin tests










Procedure of the round robin tests

Each participant receives two different samples (A and B) for the round robin tests he has registered for. These are to be analysed according to the respective standards (EN 14214 for FAME and DIN 51623 for vegetable oils and used cooking oils). There is no obligation to analyse all parameters of the respective round robin test. The results are to be determined in duplicate and are transmitted online to AGQM via an input mask.

Each participant who has determined at least one parameter receives a detailed explanation of the round robin test with statistical evaluation of the data in electronic form. The round robin test and its evaluation are anonymous. Participants identify their evaluation with their personal participant number.

In addition, each participant is issued a certificate of participation, which shows the processed test parameters and the measurement results in the form of 'Z-scores'.

Finally, the results will be presented in a German-language workshop, which on the one hand provides additional information and on the other hand offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other experts.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a participant in the round robin tests.


Ms. Katharina Friedrich at +49 3072625981 or by e-mail to xngunevan.sevrqevpu@ntdz-ovbqvrfry.qr.