Start of the Round Robin Tests for Biodiesel, Vegetable & Used Cooking Oils and Pharmaceutical Glycerol

Registration for the round robin tests of Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) is now open.

Round robin tests are an important tool for laboratories to check and improve their own measurement performance and to identify and avoid possible handling, device or systematic errors. The participation in the round robin tests can be used for accreditation of the laboratory.

For the first time, all three round robin tests will be offered at the same time by AGQM. The round robin test FAME (fatty acid methyl ester, biodiesel) is divided into two parts. FAME Part 1 queries common parameters of the biodiesel standard EN 14214 (those listed in the German 36th BImSchV). FAME Part 2 contains additional parameters such as the methanol content and the cetane number. The round robin test "Vegetable & used cooking oils" addresses the analysis of oils (DIN 51623 and EN 14214), which is used, for example, for incoming goods inspection.

Technical glycerol is a by-product of the biodiesel production process, which can be refined to pharmaceutical glycerol. The specifications of the European pharmacopoeia are used for the examination and quality control of pharmaceutical glycerol. These and other selected standard methods are the basis for the round robin test pharmaceutical glycerol.

Registration for the round robin tests is possible until 28 February 2020 at http://rrt.agqm-biodiesel.com. More information can be found on AGQM’s website or requested via e-mail (vasb@ntdz-ovbqvrfry.qr).

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