Round Robin Tests for Biodiesel and Vegetable & Used Cooking Oils

Start of the round robin tests of Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) and Mineral Oil and Fuel Standardization Committee (FAM).

For over ten years AGQM and FAM annually conduct their international round robin test on the analytical methods for FAME and vegetable oil. This year's tests have now started. Round robin tests are an important instrument for laboratories to control and improve their own measuring competence and to identify handling, device or systematic errors. The participation in this round robin test can be used for accreditation of the laboratory.

For biodiesel production, to improve the greenhouse gas balance and to support circular economy, increasing amounts of wastes and residues e.g. used cooking oils (UCO) are used. One sample of the FAME round robin test (methods from EN 14214) consequential contains biodiesel from used cooking oils (UCOME). Since last year, also the round robin test vegetable & used cooking oils (methods from DIN 51623) contains a UCO sample next to a typical vegetable oil sample. The requested methods can be used to check vegetable oils as fuel as well as for input analysis at biodiesel producers.

A registration to the round robin test is possible until 12 April 2019 at http://rrt.agqm-biodiesel.com. More information can be found on AGQM’s website or requested via e-mail (vasbnnnanesnnnntdz-ovbqvrfry.qr).

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