Publication of the AGQM Biodiesel Quality Report 2023

Germany has once again missed its climate protection targets in the transport sector. In order to achieve these targets, in addition to switching to electromobility and alternative mobility concepts, the use of climate-friendly biofuels is essential, as they directly reduce greenhouse gases and also address the existing vehicle fleet. Biodiesel (FAME – fatty acid methyl ester) is one of these climate-friendly biofuels and is already making the biggest contribution to saving our climate in the transport sector. But is the biodiesel quality sufficient?

In addition to strict sustainability requirements, biodiesel is also subject to the highest quality standards. The Biodiesel Quality Report 2023 from AGQM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Qualitätsmanagement Biodiesel e.V.) demonstrates the excellent quality of biodiesel from its members in Germany and Austria.

One of the central tasks of the AGQM is to carry out unannounced sampling of its members, the producers and warehouse operators of biodiesel. Samples are taken from current operations and checked for compliance with standards. The results are then published in the Biodiesel Quality Report. In 66 samples analysed with a total of 1,178 test points, only one test point exceeds the acceptance limit in 2023. This reflects the outstanding quality of the biodiesel produced by AGQM members, which is suitable for use as a pure fuel or in blends.

"The excellent results of the unannounced sampling in 2023 confirm the extraordinarily high quality of biodiesel from AGQM members," said Dr Richard Wicht, Manager at AGQM. "Biodiesel from AGQM is a special attribute and we are proud that the industry is continuously improving its quality standards in order to make a contribution to climate protection in transport."

The detailed Biodiesel Quality Report 2023 and an overview table of the individual parameters can be downloaded from the “Quality” section of the AGQM homepage.


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