New Quality-Check Material CFPP

New reference material for the validation of CFPP measurements in the laboratory - the Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM), provides for the first time a quality check material for the determination of the cold filter plugging point (CFPP).

Reliable measuring results are a prerequisite for safe production and quality management. For that purpose, regular checks of all methods used in the laboratory are essential. Apart from calibration the use of quality check material (QC material) has proven to be an effective measure in every-day laboratory practice.

Since 2011, AGQM, together with the Analytik-Service AG (ASG), has been offering various QC materials for the determination of oxidation stability (OS), methanol content (MeOH) or as a multi-reference standard (MR), which can be used to test a numerous parameters of EN 14214.

This product spectrum is now more extended by a QC material for the determination of CFPP according to EN 116. Usually, a larger sample quantity is required for this analysis, so that a separate material in a quantity of 250 ml is now available for the CFPP determination. The QC material CFPP is a fatty acid methyl ester (FAME).

All QC materials have been specified in interlaboratory studies by qualified laboratories and represent reliable references, therefore.

The particularly easy handling of all AGQM QC materials, which can be treated like regular samples, should be emphasised. Each delivery is accompanied by a batch-related certificate of analysis.

Detailed information as well as the order form can be founded in the “quality” area on the AGQM homepage.


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