Excellent Biodiesel Quality in 2019

Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) publishes the Biodiesel Quality Report 2019 based on the results from the unannounced sampling at biodiesel producers and warehouse operators.

Since 2010, AGQM has published an annual report on the quality of biodiesel produced and traded by its members. This report shows the results of the unannounced sampling of the respective year.

In 2019, three sampling campaigns were carried out, which show excellent biodiesel quality and a significant improvement compared to the previous year 2018. In 59 samples taken resulting in 1062 analysis data, only seven limit violations ​​could be determined.

Of particular note is the absence of limit violations in the 2019 summer campaign. While the hot temperatures in summer 2018 still led to a significant number of abnormalities, the members were able to draw the right conclusions and successfully adjust their quality assurance measures in 2019.

The result shows that unannounced sampling is an effective means of detecting abnormalities and taking countermeasures as quickly as possible. In this way, AGQM and its members make an important contribution to the stable and high-quality supply of the European fuel market with biodiesel as a sustainable and greenhouse gas-reduced biofuel.

In addition to the encouraging results of the summer campaign, the results for the parameters alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and phosphorus, which are classified as critical for the exhaust gas aftertreatment system, should also be emphasized. Measured values ​​well below the limit value of the standard indicate the suitability of biodiesel in higher admixtures such as B20 and B30 or even as pure fuel (B100) when using modern exhaust gas treatment systems. So there is already the opportunity to make an active contribution to climate protection.

The detailed Biodiesel Quality Report 2019 as well as an overview table of the individual parameters can be downloaded in the “quality” area on the AGQM homepage.


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