Biodiesel Quality Report 2021

Through the use of biofuels 83% greenhouse gas emissions could be saved in 2021. Biodiesel is by far the most important biofuel for achieving the climate targets. The Biodiesel Quality Report 2021, now published by AGQM (Association Quality Management Biodiesel) shows how excellent the quality of the products originating from Germany and Austria is, and that this would allow a higher proportion of biodiesel to be blended.

AGQM carries out unannounced sampling at least three times a year at the locations of its members, manufacturers and storage operators in the biodiesel industry. The results on the quality of the biodiesel produced and traded are then published in the Biodiesel Quality Report.

In 2021, a total of 63 samples were taken in the three main sampling campaigns and the three additional campaigns. If a company becomes conspicuous in one of the main campaigns, additional sampling is carried out. In the total of 1,197 analysis data, only one exceedance of the standard acceptance limit was detected. This shows the excellent quality of the AGQM members' biodiesel.

Particularly noteworthy are the very low contents of alkaline and alkaline earth metals as well as phosphorus, all of which are suspected of having a negative influence on the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. The contents of the parameters mentioned are clearly below the required standard limit values.

"Due to the excellent quality, biodiesel can and should be increasingly used in higher blends (B10 and B20/B30) for direct CO2 savings in the transport sector," says Katharina Friedrich, quality manager at AGQM.

The detailed Biodiesel Quality Report 2021 as well as an overview table of the individual parameters can be downloaded in the “quality” area on the AGQM homepage.

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