AGQM releases new Biodiesel Leaflets

Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) issued new leaflets with information about what has to be kept in mind when using, transporting and storing biodiesel.

The new leaflets contain all relevant information for interested parties like transport companies, warehouse operators and users about the handling of biodiesel in clear and concise form to supply and keep a maximum biodiesel quality.
The leaflet “Biodiesel – Tank and Storage” was developed to give information about above-ground and underground storage tanks, suitable construction materials, pipes and seals, tank cleaning and important influence factors on the storage stability of biodiesel. 
Additionally, all known leaflets were updated. The leaflets “Biodiesel Analytics” and “Additional Requirements for FAME as Blend Component” give all information about the most important quality parameters which are set by standardization or recommended beyond.
The leaflet “Transport of Biodiesel” informs about legal regulations, transport regulations and the handling of biodiesel during transport. The requirements for a correct sampling can be received from the leaflet “Taking Retain Samples”.
All leaflets are available here or can be requested via vasbnnnanesnnnntdz-ovbqvrfry.qr.

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